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    There is a restaurant in victoria street richond - melbourne called I think &quo

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.There is a restaurant in victoria street richond - melbourne called I think &quo-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(There is a restaurant in victoria street richond - melbourne called I think &quo),it will help you,my kids.

Can someone help me find their phone number and what type of food they serve.
Finding it hard.....
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
The Aviary
271 Victoria Street. Abbotsford. VIC. 3067
T 9428 7727 F 9428 7737

Catalayan beef skewers over wild rice tossed with sweet corn, roma tomato %26amp; finished with a mango %26amp; lime relish *
Tequila cured salmon gravlax with taro crisps %26amp; watercress *
Kipfler potato %26amp; vegetable frittata with a dill cucumber salad %26amp; tomato relish *
Chimichurri lamb chops with goats cheese, wild rocket, roasted walnuts %26amp; a strawberry balsamic glaze *
Thyme %26amp; sumac seared tuna on minted potato with a lemon %26amp; pomegranate yoghurt *
Prawn filled calamari tubes with a black bean %26amp; cumin sauce %26amp; a grilled chorizo garnish
Parmesan lamb pie with mint jam *
Vegetable %26amp; saffron arancini balls dusted with paprika, salt %26amp; a roasted red pepper aioli

Scotch fillet with a garlic confit, oven roasted mushrooms, shallot jus %26amp; creamed parsley * 22
Black bean duck risotto with Japanese scallops topped with spring onion pesto 19
Gnocchi of Swiss brown mushroom, gruyere cheese %26amp; toasted almonds garnished with rocket,
watercress %26amp; a balsamic reduction 19
Chicken %26amp; pancetta parmagiana crumbed with rosemary, parmesan %26amp; served with shoestring
fries %26amp; garden salad 19
Todays market fish C please ask your waiter * 22

Nicoise with tuna, quail eggs, kipfler potato, tomato %26amp; green beans * 12
Roasted chicken breast lightly tossed with garlic aioli, salad greens %26amp; mediterranean vegetables * 12
Haloumi, green bean %26amp; semi dried tomato with fresh basil %26amp; balsamic * 9
Wild rocket with reggiano cheese * 8
Winter roasted vegetables with rosemary tossed with white truffle oil * 8
Shoestring fries %26amp; aioli * 7

PIZZA All $10
Chargrilled zucchini %26amp; eggplant, roasted red capsicum, semi dried tomato %26amp; Moroccan feta garnished with basil pesto
BBQ chicken %26amp; chorizo with parsley puree %26amp; pine nuts
Lamb %26amp; swiss brown mushroom ragout with wild rocket %26amp; reggiano cheese
Salmon, spanish onion, asparagus %26amp; pancetta with a dill cream cheese %26amp; semi dried tomato
3 cheese %26amp; fresh herb with extra virgin olive oil %26amp; kibbled pepper
Spicy sopressa with mozzarella topped with baby capsicum stuffed with Persian fetta

Churros %26amp; dulce de leche 9

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