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    Alcoholic...in 2 minds....carry on regardless or stick to the plan...?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Alcoholic...in 2 minds....carry on regardless or stick to the plan...?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Alcoholic...in 2 minds....carry on regardless or stick to the plan...?),it will help you,my kids.

had a drink earlier...first in 369 days...i feel like i'm past the point of no return so please-" no-dont do it" answers...at the minute i need some answers from people who have been there and slipped....the next couple of days are probably gonna be a blurr!! im hoping that someone will give me a pearl of wisdom that i can hang onto so that i can get back to some sort of reality before everything disintegrates!!i know that sounds dramatic(it's a drunken thing!)

369 counts more than 1.

1 day - 2 or even 3 - of slipping up doesn't wipe out the 369 that you stayed sober.

You KNOW you can do it. You did it for a year. Contact your sponsor, got to a groupl. just remember all the reasons you did it before.

And don't beat yourself up for a setback. EVERYBODY has one.

You know how they say two steps forward, one step back? You took 369 steps forward, and only one step back - you tell me what you're capable of.
Write yourself a quick note on yellow post-it paper and stick it to your forehead... XD

... that way you instantly recall what you did by the time you wake-up (whenever and hopefully you're sober by then)
Slipping does not mean you cannot walk again. Just renew your efforts and keep with it.
Why bother continuing, go ahead and have a few. It's not gonna hurt
stop being weak
smoke bud my dude it is better
So hold on.. you feel bad for having a drink in 369 days? Don't worry about it. Everybody slips.. a little drinking for 1 night is not going to hurt anything.
First of all well done to last 369 days is great.
Don't beat yourself up.
Sorry I have no pearls of wisdom
Just look after yourself .... pace yourself... And take it easy
Wish you all the best
Hope your head don't hurt too much in the morning/afternoon
Drink lots of water before you sleep
Good luck!
I would buy a book,perhaps one of Masterton books(horror) because when you start you have to finish and because is not easy to finish a book in the first time you will feel asleep(or try to read until you will feel asleep) and if you do the same the next day you'll realize that's hard,ok,it is, but when you don't realize you'll finish the book and you can start another one right away!
listen very carefully dear. You will be OKAY. What has happened is FINE and NORMAL. All part of the RECOVERY PROCESS. Do not be down on yourself. Go to sleep and rest and remember tomorrow is another day. Please contact me tomorrow, the new day when you awake from this nightmare okay and we will go from there. I will tell you the rest if you need it. ; ) For now, just go with how you feel, but DO NOT FEEL GUILTY AND DO NOT GO OUT!
Go to an AA meeting as soon as you can. It's important that you find out why you went back out. Congrats on 369 one day at a time.
We have a lot of customers that we love a great deal. They are members are alcoholics anonymous. I've noticed in them that they really take care of each other and care a great deal about one another. If you haven't joined this wonderful group of people then I would highly recommend it. I'm so impressed with this program and the people that are involved in it. I think there isn't anyone on earth that will ever understand you as much as they do or support you in the way that they seem to take care of each other. I feel very proud to know so many of them. They're all great people with one thing in common, the alcohol problems. Some of them have been dry for over 30 years and they go to meetings regularly. I know there isn't anyone on earth that could identify with you like they can. I feel there is so much help and support there for people who reach out to them. I wish you the best. I wish I knew where you were located so I could look up a local group for you. But check in your phone book and ask around. Someone has the answer. Even a hospital would be able to help probably. I think your awesome for reaching for help.
Go on, take a drink!
Oh man, what a bummer, it could be worse, Most I have ever managed to stay sober is 5 weeks and 1 day. My sister did around 400 before going on a bender but some harsh words from her friends at AA made sure she got back on track. If you have support you will snap out of it, if you don't then you could be back on the slippery slop back to what first made you put the drink down.
You feel guilty now that is wh byou posted this.

Sit down and write down all of the reasons you stopped for 369. Keep going back to your list over the next few das and adding to it.

In addition write a list of how bad tonight's drinking has made you feel.

It is not easy, but you did it for 369 days - ou will be able to do it again. Keep looking at your lists if you get tempted.

Good luck
you say "i need some answers form people who have been there and slipped" And that's what a sponser is there for if you're in the program, because we're human and we make mistakes. If you don't have someone you can call, get yourself to the next Al Anon. You're already aware of what you need and they just want to give you the support you're craving. You made it 369 wonderful awesome inspiring days. Someday you're gonna speak into the life of someone else --you're gonna be their inspiritation to keep sober. You can and you will--hold on to that!
I presently drink every night.It's not an easy thing 2 overcome.My bf wants me 2 quit.But,I just don't know if I can do it.But,even though this is kinda different,I know how u feel.I was hooked on drugs a long time ago.&,I 2 just recently messed up.1st in a long time.But,now after being high & not eating or sleeping 4 a wk,I'm home & going 2 give it another try.Mayb if we pray 4 ea other,the 2 of us can help guide ea other.Good luck 2 u.
I'm on my 4th beer! It's not that hard to control.
think about it over a drink and everything will be clearer in the morning.Even if you find yourself in the gutter you will still be looking up at the stars....

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