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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Am I an alcholic?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Am I an alcholic?),it will help you,my kids.

I do not come home from work and NEED a drink. It%26#039;s just when I start drinking I can not stop! I am always the drunkest in the group and end up having terrific hangovers because I drink so much...What the hell is wrong with me!
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sounds like you are putting that $16/hr to good use! :) have fun.
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The problem is your not drinking correctly and/or drinking the right stuff.
First you must practice finding the buzz, then ride the buzz for as long as you can, this a fine art but one that can be attained with much practice.
Second you must only consume the high end brands of alcohol. The lower end ones contain too much sugar and that is why your getting your hangovers.
Eventually you will figure it out or it will kill you
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An alcoholic is someone who NEEDS to drink because they get withdrawal symptoms e.g. shaking, sickness, moody etc etc because they need to have the alcohol in their system. Someone who is becoming an alcoholic is when they%26#039;re drunk day and night and never stop drinking. Eventually the drunk feeling wears off and you don%26#039;t feel nothing but then your liver is used the alcohol in your system.

So no, you just like to have a drink.
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Well you sound like my family. I understand it, your not an alcoholic you just binge drink. If your so dependent on alcohol that you cant go anywhere or do anything without it, id consider that alcoholism.
My mom cant have just one beer. But she doesnt drink all day everyday, just in the evenings.
Maybee you should switch to beer since you can drink more of it without blacking out as you would with vodka!
Start taking controll and push the drink away when you get the spins. Dillute the drink, put a LITTLE vodka in a tall glass of soda so that if you do chug it, you wont fall over when you get up from your seat. Good luck...you are and will be just fine.
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To be an alcoholic you would be suffering from the disease of addiction. In order to find out if you do %26quot;qualify%26quot; you%26#039;d be best to take the AA%26#039;s questionaire....which consists of 44 questions that will help evaluate the level of your problem. From the basic sound of your question I%26#039;d say that you should follow your instinct and check yourself out....if you have to wonder then I%26#039;d say you at least have a problem. Don%26#039;t leave this to chance....addiction destroys your life, and all those around you. Also, stop saying %26quot;what the hell is wrong with me%26quot;....this is a DISEASE, not a personality flaw. You need help %26amp; support...and theres tons out there for you. www.alcoholicsanonymous.com start there. Much luck....remember that you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself..you%26#039;ve already started today by posting this question. :)
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uh, youre a drunk with no self control. you have no boundaries and when you start having fun - you cant stop and therefore your homelife probably sucks and its a total escapist that goes and gets wasted constantly so as not to deal with going home, alone....

At least that%26#039;s my problem...sorry didnt mean to project.
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try to see if you can go without a drink on a couple days in the week....you can also go to AA if you think there might be something wrong....

does your significant other ever complain? are you compromising success in any areas of your life due to your drinking? if not, it might not be a big issue...
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it may be the beginning signs of a serious problem. But next time you go out have your friends monitor you and keep reminding you about ur problem. have them make sure you dont go over a certain amount. Try setting a limit before you go out as corny as that sounds. Also try alternating your drinks - alcoholic, non alcoholic...etc. Remember to eat while you are drinking as well and try to eat prior to going out
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Sorry to say this but if you can%26#039;t stop after drinking a few drinks you should not drink at all. You are a classic alcoholi c.Try fruit juices instead of alcohol and I promise you your life will be much better and you%26#039;ll never have another hangover.Good luck from one to another%$#@.
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try AA
it could save you a lot of years of worsening misery
if you ask this question, the answer is most probably yes

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