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    Im hopeless and too retarded to find a job or unpaid internship.?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Im hopeless and too retarded to find a job or unpaid internship.?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Im hopeless and too retarded to find a job or unpaid internship.?),it will help you,my kids.

Ive been looking for a job or unpaid internship for hours per week since May. Driving to companies, interviews, countless hours spent searching online for work, writing coverletters.

I have gotten no where.
I dont have work experience (i want to work, no one will HIRE me) and I cant land a job anywhere no matter how many applications and interviews I go to. Im going to be a senior in college and im studying business.I cant even get an UNPAID internship anywhere. Ive gone to my schools career center and asked them for advice, I have followed their advice, and still cant even get a company to even call me for an interview. I have only had 1 interview, and they rejected me. Im a hard worker, Im on the Deans List, I have tried everything I can and I have gotten nowhere. Why should I not just disappear into a hole and die there? I wont find work anywhere, Im dreading graduation because I know i wont find a job if I cant even get an unpaid internship. What am I doing wrong, any real advice
answer from chinatrade114.com small business QA
Whoooaaah, hold your horses. You are definetely too hard on yourself. I remember when I was an undergrad, all the problems of life seemed to be very pressing. But trust me, you are not %26quot;hopeless and too retarted%26quot;.

Getting a job nowadays is not that easy, particularly with the way our economy is going - if you happened to notice. So believe me, you%26#039;re not alone. Plenty of people are in your situation. Many even far worst than you. Imagine for instance if you had a mortgage to pay and a family to support and you just got laid off. Maybe you don%26#039;t care about something like that in your present day situation, but sometimes you have to look at people who have it worst than you, to appreciate how good you have it now.

More importantly, if you really begin to feel %26quot;hopeless and too retarded%26quot; - that attitude will eventually be displayed through your persona when you interview for positions - whether you realize it or not. So be careful and keep your chin up. There is nothing to be depressed about. Patience and persistence are key to your success. Getting a job sometimes is like a numbers game. The more you plug away, the more you increase your chances.

Here%26#039;s a quick example regarding my life. I had a gov%26#039;t career for 10 years and was desperately looking to get out back into the private sector. This with over 20 years of work experience, a Master%26#039;s Degree, and several professional certifications, as well as an excellent track record. Well guess what? It took me 3 years to find a job! I can%26#039;t even begin to tell you how many resumes and interviews I went on.

Anyway, here%26#039;s another suggestion. Check out the website below. It contains tons of FREE information and advice on career management, taking charge of your life, resumes, cover letters, etc. Take some time and browse through it. I know several people who have found it helpful and I guarantee you will as well. Good luck - you%26#039;ll do fine!
answer from chinatrade114.com small business QA
your not retared of stupid. It is sometimes hard to find part time work

talk to the college placement service. I am sure you are networking.

Also, just because a company did not need your services a month ago doesn%26#039;t mean they don%26#039;t today. go back to the people you have talked to already

DO NOT fall for the scams some of the people on here push
answer from chinatrade114.com small business QA
Well think positive regarding after graduation. Your school should do more-after all they charge enough. I would say stop looking now since its only a month left and do something to further your resume. Either volunteer or take a class in August or schmooze with your parent s friends to ask if they know of anything.
answer from chinatrade114.com small business QA
so you have never had any job experience what so ever? don%26#039;t worry, your not the only one. well i had only one job to start out with. i started out at a temp agency and they found me a job at the bank, i started out doing clerical work and ended up learning other things in different departments. i worked 9 months and left for school. maybe that can be a little helpful, just a suggestion. it is part of business and you can learn. your not a retart but good luck though and hang in there. good professional jobs are hard to find these days
answer from chinatrade114.com small business QA
The most important thing is - Don%26#039;t give up! Most people hate the job-hunting process. If you apply at 1,000 companies and get one offer, your job hunt is a success. However, you have to keep a positive attitude after the 999th application, so you can succeed with the 1,000th. Remember, that every rejection gets you one step closer to the offer, and every unsuccessful interview gives you experience that will help you do better the next time.

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