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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.How did Dip N' Dots originate?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(How did Dip N' Dots originate?),it will help you,my kids.

In 1988, Dippin%26#039; Dots Founder and Chairman Curt Jones changed the way the world enjoys ice cream. Jones, a microbiologist, pioneered the process of cryogenic encapsulation...a scientific way of saying he used super-cold freezing methods to make little beads of ice cream. Not only were the ice cream beads delicious and fun to eat, Jones knew that flash-freezing the ice cream ingredients would lock in flavor and freshness. With those qualities established, Dippin%26#039; Dots were ready to take on the world!

A retail store in Lexington, Kentucky...gatherings of friends and family in Jones%26#039; hometown in Pulaski County, IL...and locations inside one of the nation%26#039;s premiere amusement parks, Opryland USA, helped form what Dippin%26#039; Dots is today. The ice cream now has a home in thousands of locations worldwide in theme parks, fairs %26amp; festivals and franchised store locations.

So what exactly are Dippin%26#039; Dots? Actually, it%26#039;s fun to watch %26quot;first-timers%26quot; expressions when they take their first bite. After overcoming the sight of their ice cream beads %26quot;pouring%26quot; into a cup there%26#039;s the look of amazement that ice cream can be %26quot;tingly and almost crunchy%26quot; (their words!). When the smooth, creamy ice cream begins to melt in their mouth...a fan is born! It%26#039;s truly a treat for kids of all ages. And finally, to answer the question, Dippin%26#039; Dots are made from fresh dairy ingredients flavored with fun, fruity, enticing and even exotic flavors. The mixture is frozen almost instantly in liquid nitrogen, a common element in the atmosphere used commercially for flash freezing. After production, Dippin%26#039; Dots are packaged and shipped worldwide.
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I%26#039;m not sure of the exact origin, but it had something to do with spraying the milk in a freezer, and it freezing in tiny droplets because the temperature was so cold, so they decided to do it w/ ice cream too.
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That will tell you all about them. Cute novel idea but I sure wasn%26#039;t impressed by the price.
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some guys in kentucky made them
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Dippin%26#039; Dots Company Timeline
1987 Microbiologist Curt Jones begins research to cryogenically freeze ice cream mix into small beads.
1988 Dippin%26#039; Dots established as a company and production begins in Curt Jones%26#039; parents%26#039; garage in Grand Chain, Illinois.
1989 Opryland U.S.A. in Nashville, Tenn., is the company%26#039;s first amusement park account.
1990 Production moves from founder Curt Jones%26#039; garage to a former liquor store in Paducah, Kentucky.
1991 Dealer network established for fair, festival and commercial retail locations
1994 Curt Jones named an Ernst %26amp; Young %26quot;Entrepreneur of the Year%26quot; finalist
1995 Company begins trade with Japan, its first international licensee.
1995 First Australian distribution center for Dippin%26#039;Dots opens in Melbourne
1995 New 32,000 sq. ft. production facility opens in Paducah
1996 Dippin%26#039; Dots places 171st on Inc. Magazine%26#039;s %26quot;Inc. 500%26quot; list of fastest growing privately held companies.
1997 V.1 is launched
1997 Dippin%26#039; Dots receives World Trade Success Award from Kentucky World Trade Center
1997 Dippin%26#039; Dots places 331st on Inc. Magazine%26#039;s %26quot;Inc. 500%26quot; list of fastest growing privately held companies.
1997 Production facility expands by 20,000 sq. ft
1998 Vending Machine program is launched, primarily in movie theatres nationwide
2000 Dippin%26#039; Dots Franchising, Inc. established, first franchise offered.
2002 Online sales begin of ice cream and Dippin%26#039; Dots merchandise
2002 Dippin%26#039; Dots became a regular menu offering for McDonald%26#039;s restaurants in San Francisco Bay area in California. Grew to several hundred McDonald%26#039;s restaurants
2002 Triple honors from Entrepreneur magazine: 112th spot on the %26quot;Franchise 500%26quot; list, 69th %26quot;Fastest Growing%26quot; franchise company and No. 1 %26quot;New Franchise Company
2003 Manufacturing plant opens in South Korea, operated by a licensee, to serve markets in Asia.
2003 Company constructs largest -50F commercial walk-in freezer in North America at its Kentucky facility.
2003 Dippin%26#039; Dots Franchising, Inc. Achieves 144th spot on the Entrepreneur %26quot;Franchise 500,%26quot; and No. 4 on its Top 50 New Franchise Companies list.
2004 Dippin%26#039; Dots Franchising, Inc. Achieves 112th spot on the Entrepreneur %26quot;Franchise 500,%26quot; and No. 4 (again) on its Top 50 New Franchise Companies list.

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