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    Need a unique dinner with not alot of veggies?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Need a unique dinner with not alot of veggies?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Need a unique dinner with not alot of veggies?),it will help you,my kids.

We eat really simple. Lasagna, tons of steak and mashed potatoes, chicken and rice, just really plain stuff!!

My fiance LOVES vegatables, and I HATE them lol.

I want to make something really different that we%26#039;ve never had but know we would both love.

Any suggestions? If you just say what it is and basics whats in it, Im sure I can find a recipe online.
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
I buy those bags of cooked, frozen shrimp, saute them in a little butter, add a little garlic and chopped parsley and pour them into a side dish, then I put olive oil in the skillet and saute every veggie I have in the fridge, add the shrimp back to the pan to get sizzling hot. Pile it all up on a bed of rice and it%26#039;s delice to me. There are many seasonings you can add, I like Tajin, Lawrey%26#039;s coarse ground pepper and Weber%26#039;s Kickin Chicken, just not all at the same time!!
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
Cook boneless skinless chicken breasts in a skillet with a little oil about 4 minutes per side on medium heat. Add one chopped onion, cook briefly and add 1 cup of chicken broth. Cook about 3 minutes then add one jar of spaghetti sauce. Turn heat to low, cover and let simmer until chicken is done, approximately 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cook some spaghetti following directions on the box. Drain the pasta and serve the chicken and sauce over the pasta. Bagged salad and some Italian bread complete the meal. This is not my recipe C another member of the YA community posted it.
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
lamb steaks
marinade in a rosemary and red wine sauce. for an hour
cook at 200c in the marinade for 30mins
serve with roasted sweet poatoes and spinach.
melt 1oz butter in a saucepan. add 500g of spinach for two people. Press it down and put lid on pan for 30 seconds. Stir and turn so all apinach has butter on it. Put lid on and cook for another 30 seconds. Drain. Return to pan add salt, pepper, nutmeg and paprika. Cook for another 30 seconds and it%26#039;s done.
Sweet pots
Peel and cut pots into even sized pieces. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Place in oven 200c for 10 mins
Crush some garlic and put on each potato piece. return to oven and cook until done, about another 10 mins or less.

A winning meal
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
Beefy beans and rice.
Brown ground beef, I add Worcestershire sauce.
Make pork %26amp; beans with some brown sugar, ketchup, a little mustard, and worcestershire sauce. Salt %26amp; pepper to taste.
Make 2-4 cups of instant white rice.
Put rice on plate and top w/ meat and beans
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
Loaded with meat chicken and seafood.
Spanish Tortilla.

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