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    Is a Ceasar Salad called "Ceasar" because of the dressing or the type

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Is a Ceasar Salad called "Ceasar" because of the dressing or the type-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Is a Ceasar Salad called "Ceasar" because of the dressing or the type),it will help you,my kids.

I ordered on from a restaurant and was asked what type of dressing did I want. Isn't Ceasar dressing standard for a Ceasar Salad?

itz the dressing, u could use any green for it and it will be fine, although it is tradtiontionally made with romaine.
yes the waiter/waitress is retarted at this resturaunt
yes it is, I'm not sure why they asked that.
Yes it is, but some people will ask for a different kind, in addition to Ceasar.
Yes you are right...but many people ask for different dressing on Caesar Salads...like ranch.
Its sacrilege I know...but Americans love their Ranch Dressing
Caesar Salad is so named from the originator of this type of salad (with its usual dressing), Caesar Cardini. There are several variations, but the one we know so well gained popularity in the 1920's. Caesar dressing is good on other types of salads though... and some people like the romaine greens, parmasean & croutons without dressing or with something else.
Bon Appetite!
It's the name of the salad, not the dressing.

Caesar salad is a salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper, often prepared tableside. There are many variations. It was created in the 1920s in a hotel in Tijuana, Mexico by Caesar Cardini.
In some restaurants (and usually one's with great caesar salads) make the dressing individually for each salad rather than having prepared dressing available. When prepared tableside or for an individual serving, you use raw eggs in the dressing, which don't always do well when they sit around.

Regardless, it sounds like your server may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed.

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