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    How do I fit in at this company Christmas party?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.How do I fit in at this company Christmas party?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(How do I fit in at this company Christmas party?),it will help you,my kids.

I am 18 and am the receptionist at a construction company. Our company Christmas party is coming up and I'm feeling really wierd about it because I am the YOUNGEST in the entire company. I think the person next up in age is 30+. Other people from other companies are invited too. I'm bringing along my 21 year old bf. How do I fit in to this? I feel way too young to attend something like this. I mean on the invitation, "Cocktails" is at 6pm. What would I wear too?

Wear a festive dress (just below the knee is the expected length) or nice slacks and a dressy top - enjoy a soda with the boss and your co-workers, not everyone will drink so don't worry and don't drink it will cause concern and could cost you your job. Just be nice and talk about your plans and ask people about theirs it will be a nice time. Happy Holidays!
First you relax wit it, dress nicely and simply,no tie and this sort of thing.Cocktails also means sparkling cider and non-alcoholic beverages. Have fun and enjoy. tis the season...
Just show up and enjoy yourself. If it is not your thing, at least stay a little while. If it is a "after 5" function, basicly means no jeans.

Talk to your coworkers to clarify the dress code. Don't worry about cocktails too much because you would not be expected to drink if your underage.
Company parties - bleah. Always be conservative. Dress like you are going to a conservative church. NEVER drink too much. Chat with everyone you know, compliment their companion's generically. Do not talk too much about work. Movies are the best topic (unless it is heated for some reason) Hobbies can be good also. Be on the lookout for allies, especially people from other companies that you interact with on the phone or via paperwork. Lead conversations by asking pleasant questions (about family, hobbies, travel, etc).
Dress festive, but not too suggestive, tasteful for the company party. You do not have to arrive at 6 since you are too young to drink. If you do want to arrive at 6, just mingle, talk to others you work with, introduce them to your bf and socialize. This can be a great way to network with people from the other companies that have been invited. Just go, have a great time, you fit into the company party because you work for the company. To exclude you would be wrong and discrimination. Enjoy!
Well you should definitely go because it will look bad if you do not. Just go and have a good time. Watch your behavior as your superior's will be watching you! :) It should be fun!
Stay calm, it's a party for a reason. You don't need to feel overwhelmed at such an event. since the invitation says,"Cocktails" and starts 6 pm I'm guessing it's a formal gathering. try a nice fitting, long, black dress that doesn't make you feel self conscious in the first place (no low necks, low backs ,ex.) nice shoes that you feel comfortable in and that go nicely with the dress, and a hairstyle you feel fits you (I would try a nice up hair style and loose curls, But depending on what dress you get and the kind of hair you have, you may want to ask a professional about matching the right hair to the gown.) if if the party is less formal, or you would like to be, Try a fancy shirt and clean jeans and good shoes to mach. Do your hair in a way so it will flatter you and if the shirt is sleeveless, where a good bracelet on one wrist and leave the other bear. I hope I don't have to tell you not to have any alcohol filled cocktails, and to ask who's ever serving it if they have anything else. But if not for the bad effects it has on your whole immune system, don't for the amount of embarrassment you can avoid by not having any. (please use your imagination.) You can have a lot of fun without sipping a few. P.S. Have Fun!
I am surprised that they have anounced a Cocktail hour. Most companies are too concerned about employees drinking and driving. Since there is alcohol being served, I'm betting that you will be witnessing a lot of behavior that will make you feel "mature". Just sit and back and enjoy the ride and remember no gossiping about which husband was kissing which wife out in the parking lot.(just joking, maybe)

Seriously, I see a lot of good suggestions. If you are feeling uncomfortable keep moving. You have the opportunity to introduce your b/f and move on to the next group of people. A cute little black cocktail dress is always appropriate, add a little sparkly with some dressy jewelry and you'll be set.

Merry Christmas.....
Are there any people that you work with on a day-to-day basis at the company that you feel comfortable with? If there are - just kind of hang around them at first until you feel a little bit easier about this party.

Make sure to go shake hands and greet the big bosses, and thank them for the party. Then you and your boyfriend can relax and try to have fun. Just remember - no PDA's, getting drunk or being real loud. Other than that - just endure it. That's what most people do.
go in fancy dress.
Show up late and leave early.

Meet everyone there, introuduce your BF and roll out. Don't tell anyone your leaving either, just do it.

Everyone will remember you were there, just not when you were there.
An after 6 party would be a classic "little black dress" affair. This does not mean you have to be sexy, you should just look nice. It isn't a good idea to mix sexy and work.
If the crowd is not the dress up type, go for black slacks and black sweater, with a pretty holiday brooch.
Fitting in...
Mingle, say a nice hello hear and there,
introduce your bf, then move on, with him.
Don't eat to much, eat first if you think you will get hungry soon, so that you won't make a pig of yourself.
Take a bottle of wine to the host/hostess...your bf can buy it, or pick it up at the store for you.
Don't hang out with the friendly group of guys that will welcome your company...their wives will be watching them, and that creates trouble then, and trouble later at work because of jealousy.
You can be sure that some will get jealous of an 18 year old.
Smile a lot, enjoy your bf, and
Merry Christmas
Be sure to mingle but not get wasted Drunk. Dress nice...no jeans but no gowns either. Complement your co-workers spouses so they don't find you a threat. Have fun and leave early if you're not. Happy Holidays :)

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