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    What should i do for my birthday party?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.What should i do for my birthday party?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(What should i do for my birthday party?),it will help you,my kids.

im turning fourteen soon (most of my friends are still thirteen) and i dont know what to do for a party. i was thinking i wanted to go out somewhere then come back to my house to hang out for a while and eat pizza and snacks. were do u think 14/13 year olds wuld enjoy going? also what should i give for a prty favors?
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i%26#039;m 13
but it really depends to what your into
but i don%26#039;t really think you can beat a pool party....if you have a pool

it really depends on who%26#039;s coming too
if their friends from 1st grade, they probably won%26#039;t mind doing something childish
but if it%26#039;s new friends, they probably won%26#039;t enjoy it

my best friends just recently had a birth day party,
and we had water guns,and water balloons
and then all the girls sleep over in a tent outside
it was pretty fun
but you can%26#039;t beat water balloons.....
i love them, and so did everyone else at the party

but remember it was a girl and boy party
so we couldn%26#039;t do anything really girly,
even thought were not into that kinda stuff

i think her party favors were those little fireworks, and the water guns we used

my other friend who is 12, had a party at laser quest
and it was sooooooooo much fun! he likes pokemon, so he gave out pokemon stuff,and candy... but every one(mostly 13 year olds) had soooooo much fun!
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I%26#039;m fourteen years old, turning fifteen soon.

For my fourteenth birthday party last year, my parents let me have a bunch of friends over and have a party outside.
We had tables in the garage with food on them, and music playing.
We had pizza, pretzels, cheesy/puffy popcorn, stuff like that. And cake, of course! =)

We just hung out, and it was really fun.

How many people are you planning on having come to your party? If it%26#039;s just a few friends, you could all go out to dinner or something, and come back to your house to watch some movies!

If it%26#039;s a bunch of friends, girls and guys included, you could have a party at your house, like your basement or something, and watch movies and play games that sound lame, but once you start, they%26#039;re fun. Like,

Truth, Dare, Kiss, or Swear. It%26#039;s the basic Truth or Dare game, except you can be dared to kiss someone, or if you do a swear, you HAVE to do whatever it is, no exceptions. =)

Or, the classic, spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven, if you%26#039;re into games like that.

I say, just hang out with some good food and find good ways to entertain yourselves. I mean, come on, we%26#039;re teenagers, we can make anything fun. =)

I haven%26#039;t given out party favors in years, probably not since my tenth or eleventh birthday party, so I couldn%26#039;t really give you advice on that.
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Can your mom or dad help you organize a spa day? Either at a local spa or at home. If you go out to a local spa, you girls could get mani pedis or mani pedi facials. They have all sorts of services geared toward your age group now. If that won%26#039;t work, do them at home. Set up a mini spa at home and you guys give each other mani pedis and facials! Just buy a bunch of polish colors from Walmart or Target and some cute facial products. Get some cute towels from there too and make it happen right at your house. Serve Mock-tinis (virgin martinis) in cute glasses for the WOW factor! After that, order pizzas, watch some DVDs (maybe High School Musical 1 and 2). For the party favors, send each friend home with some nail Polish, toe separators, and a CD of the HSM soundtrack in a cute bag. All from Walmart, target or the dollar store! You%26#039;ll be the envy of the other girls!

Enjoy and have fun!
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Is bowling something you guys would like doing? I take my little ones bowling a lot and I see lots of teens your age there. They don%26#039;t look too nerdy! We%26#039;re giving my daughter a 50%26#039;s themed bowling party for her next birthday (she%26#039;ll be 4 though, not 14!) just an idea.
We did a sound scavenger hunt for my 14th. We had a list of sounds we had to record (back then it was small tape recorders) like, a train, a car horn, a crow crowing, a store%26#039;s door bell, etc. The first one to get back to the house with all the sounds won. We had an hour time limit.
As far as favors, can%26#039;t you get those %26quot;one song download%26quot; i-tunes gift cards somewhere? Those would be good favors and not too expensive.
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