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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.How do you feel about vegetarianism?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(How do you feel about vegetarianism?),it will help you,my kids.

How do you feel about vegetarianism?

i like to know all your veiws on veggies.......do you think they are fools to not eat meat or do you think that they are doin something truely amazing?????
Why would you be asking vegetarians about views on ourselves? Surely you must know that most of the people who frequent this board are vegetarians.

I'm a veggie and proud of it! Meat eaters that admit they choose not to think about what they are eating annoy me - have you not seen the urine burns on chickens!!!

I am not a vegatarian, but I do think that most meat is harmful to your health. I only do chicken & fish.

Vegitarianisn goes against nature why would we have incisors if we weren't supposed to eat meat. We are omnivores we need a variety!

nothing amazing, just sensible


I say each to their own!!!!

They are NOT fools not eating meat. It's all about personal choices and beliefs.

What a person eats is not my concern.

If they are focused on eating healthy, all-natural fruits and vegetables then that is great!

I try to keep my meat intake to only a few times a week.
I'm concerned about all the additives and preservatives in meat.

On a Biblical note, if you look back in the Book of Genesis, you'll note that God intended humans to be vegetarians.

To each his own.

I am disgusted by the current trend to encourage the senseless slaughter and consumption of poor harmless vegetables. An onion has feelings too you know. Just think of all the crying that goes on when one is put under the knife. And to take a potato out of its jacket and then throw him into a pot of boiling water- barbaric. What with bleeding beetroot all over the place not to mention wilting lettuce I cannot face the supermarket shelves anymore. At least a cow, lamb, pig, etc can make its feelings known but what about the poor defenceless vegetables. Carnivores unite and put all vegetables to rest in a nice warm compost pit.

Neither. I think it's irritating when I get a full rundown of the ingredients used and the tortures the animals suffer everytime I eat a burger in front of my sister though.

Woah. With all the thumbs down on this one I'm thinking maybe the vegetarians are outnumbering the meat eaters now. I'm not saying I mind people being vegetarian, each to their own, I'm just asking not to gat a lecture everytime I eat meat. You guys are trying to save the planet, I don't think that me not eating meat will make a difference unless everyone chooses the same path.

I think veggies are ok so long as they keep thier non meat eating opinions to themselves. its the self righteous idiots that harp on about animal cruelty and what not. Chickens, Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Turkeys would not exsist in such large numbers if we did not eat them so most of these animals would naver have been anyway so might as well eat them.

I am a vegetarian, and I am not a fool. It is quite hard to adjust to a vegetarian lifestyle, but you get used to it. I feel good knowing nothing had to die in order for me to stuff my face. Despite the animal cruelty, meat just doesn't make sense to me anymore. Its loaded with cholesterol. blood, pus, urine, feces, adrenaline, unhealthy fats, growth hormones, pesticide residue, antibiotics, steroids, and all manner of nasty stuff. It contains bacteria and parasites, and has to be cooked to a certain temperature to kill them off-eating dead bacteria and parasites makes no better sense to me. If you do the research, and learn the facts, it puts you off pretty quickly. Its healthier, and makes you feel better on many levels. I don't consider myself above meat eaters, just more educated on that particular topic.

I used to be a vegan - and it was great I though I was healthier and more active - until I had a heart attack and my Dr said it was due to too little fat in my body (I was 21). Allot has to be said about youth it is survivable. There is a right and a wrong way to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle - it takes research and balance in foods and healthy fat choices or it will cause health problems. Fortunately there are more websites and books now then there were then - if you are considering dropping meat from your diet do your research and make sure you do it in a healthy way. I still eat very little meat and encourage a healthier balance to food than most of my peers but vegetarianism and vegan lifestyles are a huge commitment and very difficult to follow without co-operation from your family and friends. It is like any other choice - ultimately up to you- but do your homework and make sure you can do it safely. Good luck!

I don't think either. I don't care one way or another what they eat it's their choice.

its the way of the future...!
i think it is fantastic that theyc an limit themselves to not eating meat, and that they are doing it for a great cause. Even better are vegans, although i do not think i could manage that myself!
i am a pescetarian-i eat fish but not meat
i feel so much better to be one, and although i still eat fish, i may give that up later...
How can anyone be a fool not to eat meat? so you may like it, but that is no reason to keep eating it. I do understand how some people eat it though-i hav only stopped for about 4 months, and didnt really think about it b4 that,

I believe is a good way to detox, but I do not believe in it as a culture. The ice man would no have survived had they only fed on veggies. I believe that extremes are bad. As long as we keep a balance with eating habits we will be in balance with nature. Nature offers us unlimited resources for living and surviving. In India for example, a lot of people starves due to the fact that they worship cows as deities so they have a ridiculous overpopulation of these; air is toxic due the amount of cow excrement, the soil is dying and vegetation resources are getting scarcer. I truly believe we should keep a balance on everything.

I feel to be a Vegetarian you must be a very dedicated Loyal person.. You give up something taught that was so important to us and to later find out that its not true. That there are so many other ways to get protein and create similar styled food with out the mass cruelty that happens at these slaughter houses..

I think they are both;

Fools because of what great taste they're missing out on (No offence to veggies),

And they're doing something truly amazing because they're saving animals lives

I think people who eat meat are fooling themselves. Have you seen what they put in those poor animals before they're slaughered - all the antibiotics, growth hormones & other chemicals. Where do they end up? In the person who eats the meat. Don't fancy that at all. If you want more info go & read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser - it will at least make you think about the rights & wrongs of a meat-based diet, if nothing else.

On the other hand, I do fancy a lifestyle that's friendlier to animals and the environment, as well as my own body. Less chance of cancer, heart disease, obesity, etc.

By the way - Wilma, do you really think that our incisors are comparable to the incisors of a carnivore? Have you seen the incisors on a lion, or even a dog or domestic cat?!

Have you noticed how many meatheads come on this *Vegetarian & Vegan* board and give off about vegetarians? I don't see many vegetarians doing the same about the meaties!

I guess I'm biased seeing as I'm a vegetarian. I don't think we're doing something "truely amazing" as you put it, maybe we're just more health concsious (I can never spell that...) and have more feelings towards things not of the human race.

i once went out with a veggie for 6 months and she was a bit of a a two faced person because when we where alone together she always asked me to slip her the beef.

Im a veggie and proud
Its my choice but I wouldn't force it on anyone the same way I wouldn't want someone to force me to eat meat

I approve of vegetarians although I think being a vegan is better but I am biased as I am vegan.

It's personal choice though-eat what you want.

I think it is fine

I neither think they are fools nor that they are doing anything amazing. People have been vegetarians for centuries (Asia)

Some birds eat seeds, and some fish .... so it's ok to eat what you want to eat

I`ve been a veggie for the last 56 years and it`s never done me any harm !!!



What could be more disgusting than eating a piece of a dead animal, a junk of cadaver?

im a vegetarian soon to be a vegan it makes you respect the world more and what you put in your body i made a family member be a vege

no, i like vegetarians..being one myself

Actually im ovo-vegetarian, but not all vegetarians push it on people. i dont even tell people unless they ask, or offer me meat. i think its very healthy, as long as you make sure you get enough nutrients.

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