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    if im so pretty, why do i have bad taste in clothes?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.if im so pretty, why do i have bad taste in clothes?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(if im so pretty, why do i have bad taste in clothes?),it will help you,my kids.

i dont like what i wear but other people do!
it is not a great matter to have bad taste with your clothes
it is a matter that u may need others opinion to know what is good.for example your friends..best friends.. your parents, your sister.or just read about it or search the web for that.no need to say that u have a bad taste coz it ruin ur personality.u must improve your choices with reading, watching and consulting others..
thats all what u need
no realtion between being pretty and your taste
have a nice time

Other Answers:
Well, one theory is you could be insecure about what you wear.

If you don't like what you wear, try wearing something you do like. It doesn't matter what other people think - what matters is that you feel good about yourself, and if you think you have a bad taste in clothes, try wearing something different. Don't go buy a whole new wardrobe, just try slowly working at changing your style, and see if people still agree. :]

i think i can help you.
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you should wear what you feel comfortable in

hmm.maybe u need a little more self confidence? or maybe your trying to impress other ppl..

it's in your genes

if you're THAT pretty, then it doesnt really matter what type of clothing you're wearing. You're pretty regardless!!

Why do you wear things you do not like? Have style and confidence..& whatever you wear will work!

you sound as shallow as a puddle
you should invest in a personallity then worry about your wardrobe

It's not bad taste if you like them. Quit listening to what other people think about the way YOU dress.

If you don't like what you wear, then stop it, bruh! Do what you want to do. Don't conform to anyone else's ideas. If you feel comfortable in something, then you wear it. Don't wear something you feel uncomfortable in. Happy Trails!

Well it is true what they, "ther is no accounting for taste". But it's all subjective anyway, what you think looks bad other people can think looks good and vice versa.

Maybe you're not as pretty as you think ;)

hon your just to self conscious and worrying about what others like or are u really comfortable with it for yourself
dont please others feel good in what u wear not what they might like

Perhaps people would like you more if you didn't wear any clothes.

being has only a little in what you wear. being true to yourself always helps. pick clothes in styles that show off what you consider your best features and colours that you honestly like. remember you are the one wearing the clothes not other people.

Wear what you feel comfortable in, simple. Don't worry about what others think.

because your you go to agirl that has on a cute clothing ask her were did she get it then ask her can she help you with your clothing ask can she go shoping with u and give her a little money for helping u that all holla.

well i think you have issues with insecurity and for that thanthire dude **** you! greenday rocks and your a shitty speller, you cant spell horrible.

It doesn't matter if you have bad taste in clothes it only deppends if you are comfortable in them. maybe you want to stand out so you should wear colorful clothes. if someone tries to put you down because of what you wear that doesn't matter because clothes tell alot about yourself and if you want to be happy you need to be comfortable. so whatever you wear you're being yourself so it's fine

well try finding a clothing store with clothes that you like. maybe you are insecure about what you wear or maybe you wanna try something new but just dont know what. i was in your situation once and still am sometimes. i just try to find clothes that i know i will keep and like to wear.

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