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    A really silly answer prompted me to ask this question?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.A really silly answer prompted me to ask this question?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(A really silly answer prompted me to ask this question?),it will help you,my kids.

Someone posted that there would be no vegetarians if we couldn't easily purchase vegetables at Walmart. I grow my own veggies. My question is, would you eat meat if you had to hunt, catch, kill, gut, and butcher it yourself? Or do you eat it just because it is so readily available?

Yeah, I'm no Ted Nugent. If there was no more meat at the stores, you can bet I wouldn't be buying a car to drive out to the middle of wherever the animals were to hunt them.
I am a hunter and I do hunt for food. I eat all that I kill.
I think then I might only eat fish and sometimes chicken. But I dont' think I would be eating anymore red meat. Just because its harder to hunt. If I grew up hunting and killing animals I don't think I would be grossed out by butchering it myself. May people in other countries still live this way.
But I think it would still be to much work for me. I do mostly eat it becasues it is so readily available.
Of course I would.
I was taught to do my share as a child and often helped prep fish when we went camping (miss the days when food like that was SAFE???)
I learned it all from how to kill to how to clean. Not as impressive as preparing something huge like a deer, but believe me, cleaning my dad, uncle's and cousins fish is not a small task as every bit of fish guts is really nasty.

Some of my childhood memories involve the hunt and kill.
Like the time my uncle who liked to go out in the night to gig frogs brought them back and had a good time making the leg dance across the tabble after it was removed. It was a nerve impulse that outlasted it's death.
Or my grandpa's rooster, which was named "George". My favorite. Apparently grandpa had enough of George chasing him around the yard (George was mean) and so we all had fried George.
I recall collecting fresh eggs for my grandma, watching the baby chicks being incubated, and running from geese barefoot only to find my toes squish in their droppings in the grass.
None of these were pets, and I understood that.

But as an omnivore, I do not distinct between the life that is taken to sustain me as meat, or the life that is taken to sustain me as plant.
The only disgrace is when humanity shows no humanity by wasting the life in the trashcan or killing for sport and not food. Or clear-cutting woody growth without respect to replanting.
I would not eat meat if I had to do all that myself. Thank goodness I live in the 21st century!
Human beings are omnivorous in nature, that's mean we can eat anythings to survive in the wild in ancient time. please you should place yourself in a tribal living conditions where civilisation had just woke-up and your daily worries is how to get food to avoid hunger, and you will realise how the varieties of food played an important factor that dictated growth of a community, a village, a region, a country and finally a nation. " we eat to survive"
A whole community will follow herds of migration animals, and they will eat their meat along the journey but no vegetable, because there was no time to plant it with the migration. Similiarly, a group of farmers will protect their land which provided rice, wheat ect. for their subsistence and also use it for bargain for other things . They eat their produces to survive and improve their livinghood if they can plant more, sell more and can afford to indulge some meat to add more food varieties otherwise they will fed-up with just only one type of food. It is a way of life for both. If you only eat veggies day in and day-out all the years, I think one day you will go mad, and so you change your diet. We eat this and that because we want to change, to have a better taste, to experience a new cooking,to have an alternative if the staple food is not available. These were the prerequisition for the civilisation contentment from the old days and ancient time.

Now, nutrition science teaches us that we need varieties of food to improve our health and make us strong, we eat this or that not because it is so readily available but because nutritive knowledge help us to prefer this or that. Human beings are also animal, we are also carnivorous, we will never forget the meat, we will eat meat and put it in our diet, in fact some people like the taste and bite of the meat just like the way tiger and lion eat.
Remember, ! we are the smart, cleaver and deadly animals !!
If meat was suddenly just not available, I'd probably switch to soy protein, milk, cheese, etc. If meat were never readily available, that would mean I'd have been raised hunting/fishing, etc., and of course I'd continue to catch my own.
No I would'nt . I would however continue to fish and harvest crabs , clams, & mussels as available.
Yes, well, we must do what we must. People have through millenia, which is why we, as people, survive today! Lucky you to be able to grow your own veggies! However, not all of us have that luxury of arable land. We do try to shop at local farmers' markets, though, for produce and for our lovely locally grown butchered meat, dripping with lovely red juices. Organic and extremely healthy!
Of course my answer is "no way", since meat is no option for me anyway, but a great question, beebs, ;)
And to all these "hunters", there is a difference between shooting an animal and killing it with your hands (ah, these human claws and teeth meant to tear apart a deer or a cow)
If humans were indeed meant to hunt their own meat supply, a little bird or a fish might probably be the only option they could lay their hands on once in a while.
If you had to stab a worm on to a hook and then rip a stuggling fish off that same hook would you still claim to be a vegetarian that eats fish?
Humans are carnivores. Just look at our teeth. Nearly everyone's mouth will water when they smell a steak grilling. Why do you think that is. We were meant to eat meat. I would just have to hunt it like my ancestors did if I couldn't buy it.

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