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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Do you like to eat popcorn?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Do you like to eat popcorn?),it will help you,my kids.

Yes, especially in front of the TV because it is a relatively healthy snack if without butter and it is just so fluffy!
ok. no preference but the funny part is only i went for a movie den i take popcorn. LOL.
Yes, yum-yum! I like movie theater popcorn with tons of fattening butter, or microwave popcorn in a wide variety of flavors, or caramel popcorn with peanuts mixed in.
Yes, I like the buttered kind. I like eating popcorn anytime, but I expecially like eating popcorn when I watch movies or tv.
ya i love to eat pop corn its sooo good im eat popcorn rite now and its light butter i dont want alot of butter onn it its very delicious!!!
(-: Love it! Had some last night. Butter and season salt on top of air-popped popcorn. Oh, yum! My kids like it with butter mixed in with some Asian noodle-sauce. Also very good.
YES!! :D
not really... unless it has flavors...

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