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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.A Question for vegans/vegeterians?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(A Question for vegans/vegeterians?),it will help you,my kids.

Hello all....

I have to admit I am selfish. A few months ago, I was dating this beautiful vegeterian woman and her, plus all of her friends were so appealing that I decided to adopt this lifestyle myself. I have since broken up with my g/f but I am continuing to be a vegeterian because I can easily meet vegeterian and vegan women this way. I know that is terrible, but honestly, I cannot eat meat and then expect to meet women of your lifestyle. My question is this...I%26#039;ve noticed this kind of prejuidice against this lifestyle since I adopted it. Everything seems to be geared towards meat eaters in society and even functions like company events are difficult for me. I want to word this exactly right.. because I totally love women that live this same lifestyle. I was wondering...does anyone else feel that as vegeterians/vegans society does not treat us with respect??
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You never actually said where you%26#039;re from because in London I%26#039;ve never had any problems especially in recent years. You wanted to be a veggie in the early eighties that%26#039;s when i became a veggie. Man the only choice was a nut roast,if that,%26amp; a celery stick!!...i still hate nut roast. Mind you if you mean specifically work related events then i wouldn%26#039;t know.Maybe take a %26quot;packed lunch%26quot; next time.
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No. At 2% of the population (U.S.) what do you expect? Most of society treats you with all due respect but you can%26#039;t expect to be catered to any more than diabetic diets, kosher diets, sodium free diets, gluten free diets etc.....

The fact is: there aren%26#039;t enough of you to make you any more important than the other dietary groups. I don%26#039;t understand why company events would be difficult for you. All they serve is meat? Every company event or social event I%26#039;ve ever been to has non-meat items.
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I think it goes both ways. I am vegetarian, and I am very respectful towards people who eat meat. I know vegetarians who go up to people and call them rude names for eating meat.
But I have taken so many rude comments for being veg, and people make fun of me for it. Overall, I think vegetarians take more crap for being veg than meat eaters do.
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I eat vegetable and meat, give up and do the same. Meat is yummy all that juicy steak you are missing and the moist chicken, Also some vegetarians take it the the level where they don%26#039;t like oral sex, so if you want that continue being one.
How about Cuddly Woo Woo? He eats meat.
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It is both ways. Some meat eaters bashes us veg*ns about our lifestyle. Other meat eaters dont have the say at all and some do respect us. But there are also veg*ns that are rude to meat eaters and I believe it shouldnt be. I mean, it is someones business and you have nothing to do with it.
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We make up a small percentage of the population. Being vegan, I am part of an even smaller percentage.

We cannot expect anyone to accommodate us without polite notice in advance followed by clear statement of the other party%26#039;s effort to meet our needs.
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wats samada yu gotta no respect wada yu think you du, itsa not so bad..aaah shatta upah your face.

try eating a pig nice and toasty pig roasted over an open fire..mmh add some spices can you just taste the succulent flavor and that aroma...aaah once you go pig you never go
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Some do, some don%26#039;t. All we can do is live the way we desire to live and try to improve on things in any way we can. Also in turn not be hypocritical and treat people who eat meat disrespectfully.
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never really expected any respect for my diet. i respect myself for it. currently most of my bussiness assoc. are veggie, one currently transisitioning their diet because of health.
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ummmm i respect you babe! you can eat anything you want!
and you can call it a cauliflower if you want!
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well im a vegan and my boyfriend eats meat...
and i dont exactly like it... but i live with it...
just aslong as he doesnt kiss me after hes eaten meat lol

anyway, it is selfish what ur doing, i think its wrong... i think u should learn more about veganism/vegetarianism.. cuz then ud have a real reason to live this way and not just to %26quot;pick up girls%26quot;...

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