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    Anyone been in a slaughterhouse in full swing...?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Anyone been in a slaughterhouse in full swing...?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Anyone been in a slaughterhouse in full swing...?),it will help you,my kids.

I`m doing electrical work in one tomorrow and have been told I`ll get the "full tour", I think it`ll be interesting but have been warned about "accidental" spillages of guts and ringpieces and blood as I`ll be a new face there.

In the vegetarian and vegan section, too! I think you ,Amos, have a cruel streak!!
As it goes, I often used to go to the slaughter house with my father, when I was a child. I found it fascinating- not though in any morbid way(I was probably too young to have been indoctrinated by any biased opinions). It was just part of life, and how as farmers we made a living. I'm glad my father took the trouble to educate me in all aspects of animal husbandry and wellfare. I can't say in recent years that I have been- but don't expect it has changed much except for all the health and safety, and food and hygiene regulations!
Well, have you turned veggie? If you have, you could always gnaw on that prize marrow of yours!
See ya!! Jx
No i cant say that i have or would want to!
Sounds like my local on a Friday night.
oh god id rather die then go to one of those places
Yes, it was Horrific !.
i work in one it stinks and its stinks and there blood , more blood
in high school in an agriculture class. we got to go to a local community college and see how they slaughter cows. i thought it was awesome, i just stood there and watched while the rest of the class moved on. of course we were watching through a window
No I can't say I have, but i'm sure you'll be back to furnish us with all the gory details soon.
No but i have been at Davids Bridal when they had the $99 sale- now THAT was vicious!

I have also been to Wal Mart the morning after Thanksgiving- no slaughterhouse can top that!

Now i need a burger..
I collected a friend from one once. The stench from the road was horrific, and one I will never forget. And the noise is not for the feint-hearted.

I visited a pig farm once, and got too close to 2 farmers bent over some piglets. One turned, and threw a couple of marbles to me, saying 'catch'. They were castrating! I have learned to observe from a distance.

But you can expect some sort of 'initiation' as you describe. Most professions do it, but it is not usually so gruesome.
You must be careful of spillages, my ex worked in one and I went to meet him one day and told him i was curious about what his place looked like he took me in after his boss left he told me to be careful where I stepped and made me put on this odd looking overall, it was intriguing at the time as it took my curiosity away of what he did in there but I gota admit it aint pretty,,,,,,,,,oh by the way the smell of the place was absolutely disgusting
Last year some time I was on my way out and caught a few minutes of a programme on Bravo (A-Z of Bad Boys??) where these two guys were being given the guided tour of an abattoir in action. They showed right the way from the stunning of the cow, to the slaughter, to the skinning. There was a lot of blood, and a lot of steaming innards being pulled out of hanging carcasses.

It didn't bother me, I have to say. I still happily wear the leather jacket that I was wearing at the time! But some of a more fragile nature might find it a bit distressing, I would have thought.

I'm sure it'll be an 'experience' for you, mate.
Hi, unlike most of the other folks here who seem to seem stuck in the 'I don't want to know' camp, even if they happily eat meat, I have made it a point to tour a slaughterhouse. Because I have been a vegetarian, and gone back to eating meat, I felt it was my personal ethical responsibility to watch the process that brings me food.

I really don't understand how someone who willingly sinks their own teeth into meat can act repulsed by the hard reality of meat preparation.

By this logic, a vegetarian shouldn't visit a farm because they'll see the horrible sight of the carrots pulled out of the ground.

This friends is life. You live it; know what it is.
There was a programme on tv recently called "kill it,cook it, eat it" they did the whole lot from field to killing to butchering then they cooked it in the on-site restaurant and people were invited to eat it. I haven't eaten meat since as I found it so distressing. Good luck!
My dad worked in one for 20 years. Its truely rank

Good Luck to you xox
hey can u do me a faver while your there say sarah said ***
(slap kick punch get a hamer hit them over the head stand on them),then free all the animals and eat the freaks who dont have a heart and like killing innocent creatures thanks x
No, but my dad has. He said it was bad enough to turn him veggie! He then went out and had a chicken sandwhich from down the road. Clever.
Yes, my friend!

Almost twenty nine YEARS ago, - as a schoolkid, of SIXTEEN, - my so-called "CAREERS ADVISOR", sent me, to a local abbatior, - "FOR THE EXPERIENCE"! It altered my life in an INSTANT, - I was violently SICK, as soon as I ENTERED the place, - the SMELL was ABHORRENT! So, - within TEN MINUTES, - having NOT changed into the necessary UNIFORM, - I APOLOGISED to the boss, - and WALKED OUT!

If you like ANIMALS, my friend, - take my word for it, - steer WELL clear of the place!
I have actually yeah-never again it was horrifying.I had nightmares about it after.Kept wishing I could have saved the animals there somehow.

I went aged 17 on a school trip-how the hell the school thought that was appropriate I don't know.I was already vegan but if I wasn't I would have become 1.
Never seen a large mammal being killed before, but being from a family of hunters, I recall many a hunting season where the end of the week tradition was the "skinning of the deer". It involved an ATV, a rope and a golf ball. It is a little grotesque. Then we'd all get to pick deer hair out of the meat. Yummy... I haven't had much of a taste for venison, but only because it tastes a bit gamey.

My Mom's not vegan or vegetarian or anything, but she does avoid red meat and pork. Something to do with her having a "pet" pig as a kid...turns out it wasn't actually supposed to be a pet.

This question caught my eye as I'm sort of caught in the same place as one of the other answerers here. I enjoy a good steak. I can't lie. But I do feel like a hypocrite just going to the grocery store and picking one up on a styrofoam tray. Cowardly, even. What also bothers me is what sort of farm this particular cow came from? How were they treated? What sort of life did they endure? And what the hell did they feed them and inject them with? Were they kept in a muddy, sh*t-filled feed-lot their entire lives? Did they see the light of day?

So my husband and I have bought a farm. We've already got chickens for meat and eggs (raising them from chicks), and we're planning to get some cattle. I am a little nervous, having never grown up on a farm, and having grown up under the wing of a die-hard animal lover. Her house is like a old-age home for animals on medications and life support of all kinds. She refuses to go to livestock or horse auctions or to animal shelters because she knows she'll need to rent a U-Haul truck to drag everything home. Still, I'm my father's daughter, and I like steak, dam*it!

I don't like the idea of animals dying for my sake, but at least this way, the animals we raise will have the best care, the best feed, and the fullest, happiest, most free life we can provide them. When it's time to slaughter them, they'll be killed quickly and humanely with as little stress on them as possible. Preferably doing the slaughtering ourselves. We'll also be hunting the property for game. The way I see it, a lifetime spent free in their natural habitat, living the way they were designed to live, and dying quickly and mercifully is a damn sight better than being torn to pieces by wolves or starving to death. And it's better than never seeing the light of day and dying painfully in the dark.
What are you talking about? There is no such thing as a clean kill. How can you help bring animals to life, nurse them when they're young or ill, raise them, be in their company on a daily basis, give them the occasional pat on the head here and there and then betray their trust by killing them? Aren't you afraid you might grow attached to them and start considering them as pets?

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