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    Could these stop global warming & food recession?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Could these stop global warming & food recession?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Could these stop global warming & food recession?),it will help you,my kids.

Would wide-ranging animal farming, deforestation and human/livestock overpopulation stop global warming %26amp; food recession?

(Not really a V%26amp;V Q, but concerned to know your views)
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
Deforestation decreases the amount of Oxygen we have from plants and increases the amount of CO2 consumed by plants
Increasing the animal farming participates in reducing oxygen and increasing CO2 as well , but it is maybe necessary for the prices of meat to stay within the reach of the people finances .
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
How the heck would that stop global warming?

Overpopulation is NEVER a solution. Deforestation, as we all know, is harmful to the environment and the creatures that live on this earth.

I%26#039;m really concerned about YOUR views... what gave you this idea? Since when is tearing down trees, having lots of babies, and letting cows eat everything a way to help the earth?

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