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    Going to visit my husband's family for the holidays. Don't eat meat anymore and

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Going to visit my husband's family for the holidays. Don't eat meat anymore and-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Going to visit my husband's family for the holidays. Don't eat meat anymore and),it will help you,my kids.

What do we do? How do we handle this without preaching, offending, or eating unhealthy during the holidays?

Eat the non-organic vegetables to make things easier. Offer to bring a dish. You can explain to the host that you are eating vegetarian and don't want to have to do any extra work on your behalf. Try to insist on bringing something as many people think vegetarians will eat fish or chicken or marshmallow on their sweet potatoes. If vegetarianism is left up to the interpretation of the host you might end up eating bread and apple pie for the whole dinner. If people poke fun at you, smile and say, "oh it's just a phase we're going through." Don't preach at all or try to explain your views. Become dynamic at changing the subject. Stop in at the grocery store and arrive with some goodies for yourself on hand. Holidays fill the fridge, so don't bring a million juices and perishables, there won't be room.
Bring your own food if your requirements are so special. Otherwise, just enjoy what they are preparing for you. Holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy the traditional family foods. It's just a few days and then you can go back to your own diet.
My brother doesnt eat meat either. What we've always done is prepared his food ahead of time and taken it with us.

I would suggest perhaps asking them about any health food stores in the area (if you're not familiar with where they're located) and just dropping by there on your way to their home and picking up food that you all would eat.

That way you'd have it and could cook yours as everyone else was.
Bring some dishes to share with everyone. They'll appreciate your effort and if all else fails, you'll have something to eat.


If you're honest about your preferences, no one should be offended. More and more people are switching to healthier alternatives. Just be sincere and polite, you don't have to preach about how unhealthy their food is. Just tell them it's a personal preference, but their food smells delicious! You might suggest that your husband mention this to them, perhaps they'll try to accomodate you a little.
Vegetarian and organic foods are not necessarily more healthy than other foods. It is your opinion only. Look at the other side and try not to be dogmatic.
Talk to your husband and figure out which one of you will ask. Who knows, his mother (or father -- why introduce gender bias?) might be type who sees it as a challenge? Ask, be polite, make plans.
Bake a big old ratatouille, and take a big helping of it and a smattering of their stuff. Then eat some turkey for old times sake, it won't kill ya. Then talk about politics and nobody will pay attention to what you're eating anyway.
Several good answers, and ya don't have to get preachy or prissy.
Ya'll fix food to take and if ya don't crow about it no one will be the wiser it's organic and maybe more vegan.
God question. I'd call ahead and explain it to them, or at least your husband should, so his parents don't go through the trouble of preparing meat.
As far as the organic thing goes, my wife and I are the same way. But, on occasion, we skip the organic because that particular week the price has doubled. (Like last week, organic brussle sprouts went up to 8.99 a pound! We bought the regular.) Anyway, I'd just grin and bear it and just ask for salad, organic or not. The only way to really get it right it to take your own food, and that would be rude.

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