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    Help! I'm a vegan and my family is as carniverous as a starving pride of li

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Help! I'm a vegan and my family is as carniverous as a starving pride of li-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Help! I'm a vegan and my family is as carniverous as a starving pride of li),it will help you,my kids.

How do I convince them to change their ways?
I%26#039;ve tried everything I can think of, I%26#039;ve tried to show them how it causes a ton of pollution, how unhealthy it is, and how much pain and abuse the animals go through, but they won%26#039;t budge!
Any ideas?
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They most likely aren%26#039;t going to change their ways. We each must live our own lives. You tried, that is all you can do. If they don%26#039;t want to change, they%26#039;re not going to change.

And while it may cause pollution, I might remind you that plants are what clean the air of that pollution. So you eating plants isn%26#039;t exactly helping the situation, either.

And plants are just as alive as any animal.

Its the circle of life. That%26#039;s how the game is played. Living things die, so that others can live. Then we die, and our remains feed the plants nutrients. C%26#039;est la vie.


Again, I see what you are saying. But I reiterate that plants are as alive as any animal. What makes it different to commit mass murder (as you put it, though I agree its accurate) on animals than it is on plants?

That plants can%26#039;t scream when they are killed? That plants can%26#039;t cry when they are picked out of the ground? IT IS ALL LIFE. It is still killing when you eat a celery stalk, or a leaf of lettuce, or a squash, or any other kind of vegetable.

You haven%26#039;t evolved beyond anything. You are still eating something that was once alive. An inability to move does not make it less alive.

C%26#039;est la vie. Death is part of life.


What, are we feeling bad that it turns out that being vegetarian or vegan doesn%26#039;t make you a better person? That you are still the same killer that us carnivores are?

Life is life. Deal with it.


Perhaps a biology course is in order. Plants do breathe; and be glad they do, because if they didn%26#039;t our atmosphere would be fairly unbreathable very quickly. They breathe Carbon Dioxide and emit Oxygen.

There is some evidence to suggest that plants do, in fact, have intelligence of a sort. Talking to them, as well as playing music around them, has been shown to help them grow. They do have something of a nervous system, which controls their body functions. There is a fairly good possibility that they do, in fact, feel pain.

I might also point out that evidence suggests they want to survive. How do you know that an animal wants to live? Isn%26#039;t it when they defend themselves if they believe they are in danger? Maybe the run, maybe they fight; point is, they struggle to live.

Well, plants also struggle to live. For example, some trees, when attacked by certain parasites, send out a pheremone signal that tells the other trees to emit chemicals that will protect the other trees. One tree is lost, but made the effort to save the rest. Other plants have poisons. Poison Ivy immediately comes to mind, but some plants are even deadly.

Marijuana gives a high, but its as a protection. The animal that attempts to eat it will get high and disoriented, and no longer be capable of continuing to hurt the plant.

Plants may not be able to move (though some can), but they protect themselves just like animals. You are seriously underestimated the value of plants.

And I am not suggesting that you give up your beliefs, or your lifestyle. As I said, its part of the circle of life. The only way to not kill is to accept death through starvation yourself. Basic logic says you will not go that far, nor should you. All I am saying is that you are ready to attack your family%26#039;s choices of food based on the idea they are killing.

That may be true, but the same is true of you. A life is a life, even plant life.
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going about it the wrong way...

the pollution and the harming of animals is very bad...

telling them it is unhealthy will accomplish nothing...

need the pictures and the articles that give the information on: Alzheimer%26#039;s, e coli contamination, pesticides, mad cow contamination and human ,antibiotics, etc. etc.

eating unclean crab, lobster,etc.

put life insurance on them and make your self the beneficiary and tell them that they are eating themselves to death and will leave you all alone...
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
Seeing how you wonderfully you describe your family and their eating habits (unhealthy, murder), I don%26#039;t know how should be ashamed of whom?

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