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    What is the biggest difference between Vegans and Vegetarians?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.What is the biggest difference between Vegans and Vegetarians?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(What is the biggest difference between Vegans and Vegetarians?),it will help you,my kids.

The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that a vegan eliminates all animal products from his or her diet, including dairy. Those following a vegan lifestyle generally do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk and down. Vegans tremendous humanity for animals is an abiding, overriding conviction in their lives.

Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry, but might eat dairy products such as cheese, eggs, yogurt or milk. Vegetarians are not as predictable in their beliefs, as there are many reasons to become vegetarian that dont necessarily include altruism as a primary motive. For example, many vegetarians have eliminated meat for the sake of their health. In fact, there are a great many people lumped into the category of vegetarian. Lacto-vegetarians will eat dairy, but not eggs. Ovo-vegetarians will eat eggs, but not dairy. Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy products. The reasons for these choices are varied and based on individual beliefs. In some cases they are based on moral choices, and in others on dietary needs or simple preference.

A vegan, on the other hand, is self-committed to upholding a personal standard of living where animals are concerned. The vegan will often go beyond eliminating meat, dairy and animal products, to become an activist for animal rights. Generally, the vegan point of view is that animals are not here to be exploited by man, and that commercialization of animals necessarily involves a fundamental, inhumane component and lack of respect for basic life. Unfortunately, cruel methods are often cheaper methods, and animals raised for meat or dairy products by commercial interests are commonly and routinely kept in abusive conditions and slaughtered inhumanely in the interest of a competitive marketplace.
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Vegetarians can eat eggs, cheese, drink milk. They can wear animal products such as suede, fur, leather or silk. They also eat honey. And sometimes eat fish if they are a pescetarian.

Vegans don%26#039;t beleive in eating anything that comes from an animal, not even honey. They can only eat vegetables, fruits, wheat/grains and nuts, there%26#039;s probably more! They also don%26#039;t like wearing anything that%26#039;s an animal. They can%26#039;t eat gelatin: thickner from animals that are in marshmallows, and most gummie bears (not in swedishfish) comes from pigs, cows, even horses sometimes. (ew. I%26#039;m happy I don%26#039;t eat gelatin. but I shouldn%26#039;t eat cheese either, i%26#039;ll tell you more if you want)

There are a lot of differences that I couldn%26#039;t choose one.

But I guess the biggest difference is that vegetarians and vegans have different beliefs on what%26#039;s alright and what%26#039;s cruel/unhealthy/bad for our environment.
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Vegetarians don%26#039;t eat anything that comes from a dead animal. Vegans don%26#039;t eat anything that comes from an animal, period, dead or alive.

Also vegetarianism may be either a dietary choice or part of a dead animal free lifestyle. Veganism, by definition, necessarily extends beyond diet (to clothing choices, purchase and use of consumer goods, etc.)
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I%26#039;m a strict vegetarian. I don%26#039;t eat any animal that was once living, or any animal derivitives i.e gelatine, animal fat, certain colourings and E numbers. I still eat chocolate, cheese and have butter/margarine. I don%26#039;t have milk because I don%26#039;t like it.

I cannot become a vegan because I could not give up chocolate or give up my leather boots.

Vegans eat nothing to do with animals what so ever - no meat, no dairy or animal derivitives. Vegans will not touch anything that comes from an animal e.g leather.

Your diet on either can be a healthy one providing you ate the right things and take suplliments if needed.
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A person who doesn%26#039;t eat any kind of meat.
They still eat dairy (milk... cheese..etc)
They still wear leather.


Doesn%26#039;t eat meat
doesn%26#039;t eat dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt)
doesn%26#039;t wear animal fur,
doesn%26#039;t wear leather.

to narrow it down vegetarian basically doesn%26#039;t eat meat,
and vegan is fruits and veggies only.
answer from chineseop.com cooking QA
Veganism is much more strict. It%26#039;s not just no meat, but no animal products at all (i.e. eggs or dairy).

By the way, I can%26#039;t speak for everyone else but as a vegetarian, I did NOT wear leather, fur, or silk, but I did wear wool. To me, that fit in with the vegetarian idea that is wrong to needlessly KILL other animals.

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