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    What is your thought on being a vegitarian?

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.What is your thought on being a vegitarian?-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(What is your thought on being a vegitarian?),it will help you,my kids.

My best friend just decided out of the blue that she was a vegitarian. I want to know your thoughts on just becoming a vegitarian over night. Is it healthy to do just switch your diet that quickly?

When people tell me they are a vegetarian I ask them if they are a practicing one. In many cases it is a fad. God gave us meat.so why not eat! Anything you eat should be in moderation.including lettuce!

Other Answers:
ya, ive done that b4..for like a year..then i just got tired of it...had to eat real food.
i became a vegan over night it wasnt by choice realy i saw videos on peta2.com and my body literaly rejected and meat and dairy products i've never touched anything that came from animals again
transitioning into it over a week atleast is better for you. and its awesome!
I could never do it. I love beef, and pork.
yes if u read newspaper n watch TV. Now people have started becoming vegetarians. coz veg food is very healthy. U will c meat eaters r very short tempered,lazy,heart problems etc.. where as vegetarians r not.
My Wife and two of our Daughters are vegitarians, They all are slim and look great. One of my Daughters switchs back and for between meat and veg. Being a non vegitarian myself it is very nice because dinner out is cheap !

Its 200% ok..converting into a Vege from a Non Vege..but it may take quite some time to become a Non Vege coz your digestive system to gather some extra energy! ;)...So got it.?...I am a Vege(converted after the recent advent of Bird flu) aswell...I changed over night and i do enjoy!.I PROUDLY SAY...I AM A VEGETARIAN!!!!!!!!!! :)
Well, I can't say on switching suddenly, but I'm a vegetarian right from birth. Even Scientific studies reveal that veg food is much better and less disease-causing than non-veg. Humans are omnivorous. They can eat anything and the feed-back mechanism of digestion will pour in the right enzymes in the stomach, depending on the food consumed. So, I see no harm in turning veg suddenly... Bon Appetite ( Dunno if spelling is correct)
I don't know anything about the risks of switching diets quickly but I am completely against vegetarianism. We humans aren't built to survive on just plants, we have slightly spikey canine teeth for a reason. I have never met a healthy vegetarian. This is because they don't get all the nutrients their bodies need from leaves and seeds.
I don't think it's damaging, but it's not very healthy to switch immediately I don't think. Your body needs time to adapt to changes in your diet. So especially if they ate a lot of meat, they'll probably experience a few things such as fatigue, lack of attention and interest, soreness, and maybe irateness.
But it's probably gonna be healtier for em in the long run, eating plants only gets you less fat and other toxins that tend to slow down your system.

I am not a vegetarian, and I don't think there's any necessary reason to become one. So this is a fairly unbiased answer.
I was a vegetarian for a long time, about 3 years... It made me very sick because I wasn't getting enough protean. If you do it make sure you eat plenty of beans and nuts... Get the protean somewhere. Good Luck!
don't know about it being healthy or not but we seem to be the only omnivore that cuts out half of their diet. you don't see bears doing it.
my opinion it pretty stupid!
Since it's unnatural (humans have always eaten meat), your friend will have to make sure to get the things they won't be getting by not eating meat (protein, etc.), usually done via supplements.
well, i think your friend is very smart. she probably watched a peta video and now meat grosses her out.... its none of your business anyways. get a life!
That's fine, as long as she gets her protein (she can eat a lot of beans).

Every vegetarian I know will be the first to wolf down the hot dogs at a cookout.
i love meat so i couldn't do it, but i do eat a lot of vegetables and watch my meat intake. i think you can become a vegetarian overnight, as long as you are informed on where to get the necessary nutrients and how to stay healthy.
Its not about wanting to become, it is about being. If your body doesn't want it then dont eat it. Dining of flesh certainly isn't required for living a great life but it sure makes it easier.
Well I have been a vegetarian for three months and half now.and I'm doing great! By the way i'm 16 years old(just in case you were wondering). I believe its a very healthy diet. I had it in mind about a couple of days before I actually became a vegetarian. I also searched for recipes and all about being a vegetarian before changing my diet. It was not hard for me to change my diet. Some people prefer to do it step by step like for example eating less portions of meat and instead eat more vegetables, fruits, and other good stuff out there and so on. Your friend should find out about what a vegetarian diet consists of and it's ups and downs.

Websites that may help:
http://www.goveg.com/order.asp <---to order the FREE vegetarian starter kit (it's loaded with important info.)
I did that. It lasted for about a year but then I had to start eating meat again because I wasn't being healthy at all.
Im a vegetarian and it's a healty way to live. but maybe your friend should consualta nutritionist before making sych a drastic change.
I was born and raised a Vegetarian and when I turned 11 we became Vegan...I never had the option of eating meat but when I was 19 I decided it was time for me to try some and let me tell you I am in love with it I am 25 now and I like my steaks blooooooody!!! I still love animals and I have a thing about meat being on a bone I just cant seem to eat it on the bone or if I bite into fat I can't finish my meat no matter what. I think I was brain washed as a child, my mother told me I would get sick and die if I ever ate it and nothing happened to me obviously!
I think dropping meat from your diet cold turkey will be fine for your health.
I decided out of the blue that I was a veggietarian. But I just couldn't do it. I love meat so much. I was fine physically after abruptly changing.
For fifteen years i ate meat and then one day i decided to become vegetarian. My mom thought i couldn't do it and if i could do it for a week she would let me. I did it and now i am a vegetarian. Some of my friends are vegetarian too. One of my friend has been vegetarian for her whole life and she is very healthy and is skinny. My two other friends decided to become vegetarian one day. After i saw the video at peta i was so gross out that I think any meat that enters my body i will spit it out like poison. I don't think I feel good eating meat because i feel guilty eating that poor animal. After week of becoming a vegetarian, I feel so much better. I took some vitamins so that i can remain healthy. I learned that meat had a lot of chemical stuff in it like hormones(ew that will make you fatter). For example if someone was to feed a baby what they feed a turkey in a farm the baby will weigh 1,400 lb in 18 months. that's why you feel tired after you eat turkey. I totally love a vegetarian life style and plan to do it til i die.
It's not that much of a switch. The same nutrients can be found in a vegetarian diet. Most people actually feel healthier because digestion is easier with a veg diet.
I am not a vegetarian or vegan. I love animal flesh. However I do concede a ***mostly*** vegetarian diet is probably more healthy for most humans. I would like to think that a good balance between refusing meat & eating only bloody flesh exists. I may be wrong.

I think a sense of humor helps. That's why I belong to PETA - people for eating of tasty animals (said tongue in cheek).

I know people who called themselves vegetarians & their favorite vegetable is french fries (fried potatos). Umm that's healthy! I also know people who consider themselves carnivores yet eat red meat less than once a week.

If your friend has decided to become a vegetarian, support them in their decision but make sure they are getting good nutritional information.
It is the best way to go.

I am a partial vegitarian. I eat fish and eggs.

The healthiest people on the planet are vegitarians or near vegitarians.

My total cholesterol is 120. And the last time my blood perssure was taken it was 116 over 62. All excellent figures according to my doctor.
Well to be a vegetarian you have to immediately cut off eating meat. So if you continue eating meat you are not a vegetarian. I guess you could do it gradually, but very few people do that. I decided to become a vegetarian when I was 5 and I haven't eaten meat since.
Dear Shellebelle,
Canine are present in our

buccal cavity for tearing meat of other animals and our

digestive system can digest veg as well as non-veg. If God

Almighty wanted us to have only veg, why did he give us

canine and the digestive system that can digest both?

Further more, most people base their arguement against

non-vegetarianism upon the principle of killing living things.

They say that killing a living creature is a wrong act. They

fail to realise that even plants have got life. Some people

further say that I agree that they have got life but they can't

feel pain. So I tell them that today, science has got even

more advanced and science tell that plants can even cry,

they can even feel happy. So, your logic has failed. One

person went to the extent saying that plants have got two

or three senses, animals have got 5 senses. Therefore,

killing an animal is a bigger crime. I tell them that suppose,

you have a brother who was born blind and deaf, two

senses less. When he grew up, someone kills him. Will you

tell the judge that please give the murderer less

punishment because my brother had two senses less? The

logic doesn't work that way.
Some people propose that Islam is a ruthless religion. You

slaughter the animals and they feel pain. Its a barbaric

religion. Its nothing but their lack of awareness. In Islamic

method of slaughtering animals, animal dies a PAINLESS

death. The animal contracts and relaxes not due to the

pain, but due to the gush of the flow of blood. In Islamic

method of slaughtering animals, most of the blood flows

out of the body of the animal because we know that blood

is a good medium of germs and bacteria.
Some people put a new logic, they say that science tells us

that whatever we eat has an effect of your behaviour so

eating animals, makes you ferocious. This is the reason

that we, MUSLIMS are allowed only to eat herbivore animals

like cow, goat, sheep etc. These are peacful animals. We

Muslims are peace loving people. We are not allowed to

have lion, tiger, leopard.
If you have any other argument or logic for not having non

-veg, you can contact me at:

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