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    Since I really like beer .... and it likes me!!!... what kind of beer do you thi

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Here are some friends with simlar question as we.And I have this question for many days,anyone help us?
Kitty said: Yes.Since I really like beer .... and it likes me!!!... what kind of beer do you thi-I try seach this on internet but no results found.Maybe this is a stupid question.
Mike said: oh,no,you are wrong.I have found as below for this question(Since I really like beer .... and it likes me!!!... what kind of beer do you thi),it will help you,my kids.

I like lager, but I am open to suggestions and recommendations!

p.s. what kind of food do you like to eat with it?


Draught Bass takes a lot of beating as a Real Ale. Smiles Best (Bristol) is just as good. Ideal for drinking with meat pies.

The so-called creamflow bitters (Tetley or Boddingtons etc) are just an excuse for selling weak beer diluted with air. They have a poor taste and are bought by people who are happy to pay for froth and gas.

For a lager I think Heineken is great and Budvar (the real Czeck made Budweiser) is truly excellent. I'd drink these with fish and chips or torpedo rolls.

Stella Artois is good but really overpriced so it's only for the gullible who are willing to pay for a 'name'.

Carling tastes sickly and Carlsberg is a bit bland.

I would only use the American version of Budweiser or Miller Lite for washing my hair. They're ghastly parodies of beer and should be banned under the Trades Descriptions Act.
I love Miller Lite! It is so yummy and since it is light, I can drink tons! =) I like to munch on chips and salsa when I drink.
In the summer i always crave a cold can of Stella..Lol
mmmmm stella artois mmmmmmmmm its nice only whens it real cold ;)

i like to drink it after i have eaten !!!
i like miller light
Tanglefoot with a nice chicken korma - Yummy!
i really like fosters twist its really nice when it hot!!
I quite like that new Stella; the one that's only 4%. It's called Peetermaan or something like that. It has a nice citrus taste.

Plus you can actually function after drinking it and it makes you less inclined to have a fight too. Result.

If I'm not in a lager mood; it's got to be Guinness.

Food with beer: Curry!
I like the "red" beers. Sam Adams and Leinenkugel both do nice regional reds.
It has to be a nice cold Kronnie!
i love cobra beer at the moment!!! beer goes with any food really.
stella is kind of heavy to me.
I like heineken, harp, just tried amstel light was pretty good. I love to have beer with a good italian meal. that is the best.
MMMMmmm, Beer! Strange that so many are describing Lagers! But I could go on all night;- Old Hookey, Bath Ales Barnstormer, Theastons Old Peculiar, Everard's Original, Leather Britches, Danelaw.... As Nelson said, 'Pick any name on the list, you can not chose wrong!'
I really like lager & I always think that it really likes me . . . . then I wake up the morning after with a steaming hangover! Lol! San Miguel is probably my fave, although Kirin is also well nice & then there's Cobra & Tiger . . . . .hmm, think i like most lager's actually!!

Can't stand Stella, Bud, Millers, Carling or Fosters though . . . . .yuk!

As for food, I'll eat whatevers in front of me at the time!! Lol! :)
Timothy Taylor Landlord.
Harvey of Lewes Sussex
Sara Hughes Ruby Mild.
All good stuff.
Sorry cant recommend any Lagers at all, they all taste the same to My pallett.
And you can't beat a good Pub made Stilton Ploughmans with fresh warm bread
Shiner Bock
Fosters citrus twist smthing and San Miguel or Corona
Personally I am a fan of Stouts and Porters. Much heavier and stronger flavor with less carbonation. Also they both comnpliment red meat better than other beers do
well at present i am drinking "lynx" it is wet and cold and although i am not eating i just answered a question from a guy who was cooking what sounded like a fab meal! i usually drink lynx when ive visited the local off licence as its 8 for a fiver but am not averse to any beer, as long as it gets me where i wnat to be then its ok by me.
Just for the sheer weirdness of it, look for something called Purple Haze. I rather like it, and it tastes...strangely fruity. It's good with wings, nachos, pizza, etc. because it's so light and doesn't seem to react badly with grease.

If you're up for a stout, though, grab some Guinness.
sheep dip
Cask conditioned 'real ale'. That's proper beer that tastes of malt and hops, not carbon dioxide and chemicals! Lager might be OK for a change somewhere hot and sunny - but that's not a British pub. If you can stomach British lager I guarantee you would really appreciate a proper beer.
Corona Light with a lime.............the best!
Amber or IPA with Pizza and salad!!! Mmmmmm....! :)
Dos XX
Generally only continental lager is truly worthy of the name. It is strong and the special fermentation process gives real flavour. Light brand name beers and the below 4 proof stuff in the UK are a travesty and strictly speaking are not lager at all. But Sam Smiths make a lager which truly compares with the German and eastern european products.
corona extra or Carling premium it goes well with curry and kebabs
Caffreys or Kilkenny

But increasingly hard to find out and about in pubs for some reason

So tend to go with whatever is on creamflow or smoothflow as I think it really is smoother to drink.............

Friday night involved drinking quite a lot of John Smiths which was OK but not my favourite

I tend not to eat while drinking beer, unless it's the odd bag of crisps or peanuts.

But I'm always starving when I get home, and nothing beats pizza and garlic bread after a night out
My brother-in-law and I were discussing this and came up, not with a best beer but with a "gold standard". For us the "gold standard" of beer is cask conditioned London Pride. You can get plenty of beers just as good, but different. You can get loads of beers worse. But you can't actually get any beer better.
ever tried Czech beers? I'm a real ale fan but in the summer I like a Staropramen, a good picnic beer

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